"Paying it Forward Fundraising" Silent Auctions gives your organization a chance
                                                                                                      to passively raise funds throughout the year, without requiring much effort.

                                                                                                      Simply arrange for hotels, banks, restaurants, grocery stores, and other high  
                                                                                                      foot-traffic businesses in your community to help with your cause.  You're not asking
                                                                                                      them for money or a donation, just for table space in their place of business. Once
                                                                                                      you have their approval, we will ship you a package full of unique auction items for
                                                                                                      free. These are exciting, non-retail items such as: Autographed Sports, Movies, and
                                                                                                      Music Memorabilia, Incredible Decor Pieces, Fine Jewelry, and Worldwide Travel
                                                                                                      Packages. We will also include easels, bid sheets, and a poster board so people will
                                                                                                      understand that they are supporting your cause.

                                                                                                      We will instruct you on how to set up the display in the business(es). Leave it there
                                                                                                      for as long as the management will allow it. The longer the better. Most of the items
                                                                                                      will be sold multiple times at a "Buy it Now" price. This way, people aren't bidding
                                                                                                      against each other, which would end in only one winner. They will see that if they
                                                                                                      want the item they can purchase it at a set price. The more times an item sells, the
more money your organization will make. Please check the bid sheets weekly, where buyers will leave their name and phone number. Our staff will contact
these individuals, collect payment, and ship them their item.

Your charity keeps 100% of the net profit above our cost for the item. On
average, you will make between $50-$100 for every purchase.  This adds up
quickly if you have multiple locations that sell multiple items a day.

The businesses have no risk or liability by supporting you and hosting these
displays. At the end of the auction period, we will pay you for everything you
earned, but we will give a big check to the business so they get to present it to
you. They will look good in the eye of the community. Your organization will raise
funds passively, and the winners get to go home with an exciting item or vacation

Whether you're a business owner looking to give back, you run a nonprofit, or
you're an individual raising money for a certain cause, contact us for more
information and to receive a free auction package.

info@bwunlimited.com or call 443-206-6121.