Today, many of us are use to being asked to donate.  As it seems, everywhere we go, we are asked to donate to many different
charities and people simply get very use to saying "No" due to aggressive fundraising tactics.

"Paying it Forward Fundraising" Silent Auctions are directly opposite - they are "Passive Fundraising."  What does that mean?  
Simply put, a "Paying It Forward Fundraising" Silent Auction is placed in a business such as a Hotel, Restaurant, Gym,
Coperate Office etc. and people are automatically intrigued because of the very high quality, exclusive items that are presented there.  
These items are NOT sold in a retail setting so that makes it that much more exciting.  

These items include autographed Sports Memorabilia, Incredible Decor, Jewelry such as Super Bowl Rings and Worldwide Travel
Packages.  What makes these items that much more spectacular is - our company manufacturers them and they are only used for
our very special, deserving charity clients all across the country.

No other fundraising provider has items which are as high quality as the ones we will send to you totally free.  These items will not only
attract a lot of attention but people will bid very high to win them which ultimately benefits the receiving charity.

The reason it is a "Passive" way to fundraise is based solely on the Silent Auction drawing people to it without anyone directing them
or by anyone asking for a donation.  People get to win incredible, exclusive items while also making a donation to the selected charity
- it's a

The Bidder wins by taking home an incredible item.  The business wins because they are helping a charity in their community and the
charity wins because they fundraise with very little effort.

                                                            How It Works:

Organizations/Non Profits:

- Have you been looking for a new way to raise money for your
organization or nonprofit?

- Simply arrange for local businesses in your community such as Hotels,
Restaurants, and Grocery Stores to support your cause by hosting a
small silent auction in their place of business.  The more businesses,
the better.  It takes nothing on their part but a small amount of wall
space.  That's It, we take care of the rest for you.

- "Paying It Forward Fundraising" Silent Auctions provide you and your
nonprofit a great way to not only raise funds but to also connect with
local businesses while building awareness in the community for your
Businesses wanting to help their community:

- Have you been wondering how you can support local charities in
 the area which you serve and a way to show your business
 supports the community?

- Simply contact us and ask for a "Paying It Forward Fundraising"
 Silent Auction.  Let us know which charity in your community you
 would like to partner with to raise money and we will take care of
 the rest.

- Our staff will ship you the entire display, contact all the bidders and
ensure that all the items are shipped out to everyone who wins.  ​

- Our staff will promote your business online while providing you the
information for you to do the same as well as the charity which you
are helping.
Our Staff will routinely switch the items to keep it fresh so that your
guests are always treated to something new and exciting while the
auction continues to generate funds over an extended period of time.  

Once we have reached the timeline and the auction is over with, we
will come and join you while you present a check to the charity which
your "Paying It Forward Fundraising" Silent Auction benefits.

Start today and join the businesses and charities across the nation
who are truly benefiting from this incredible new way to fundraise and
help the community in which you live.  

To get an Auction set up,
contact us here.